System-in-Package (SiP) has become a standard method for system implementation, besides the System-on-a-Chip (SoC). SiP is regarded especially suitable for consumer-type mobile applications such as cell phones and digital still cameras because of its quicker time-to-market and inexpensive production cost. Various physical structures are derived as dipicted in the above figure.

The merit − shorter time to market and inexpensive production cost − of the SiP is possible only if carefully designed. This fact requires a team of specialists working tightly especially in the early design stage. The team typically consists of chip designers, packaging designers, and system designers. These members are communicating each other closely using e-mails, telephones, and meetings, to share global view of the SiP and divide the whole project to specialized design tasks. This early design phase is called the Feasibility Study (FS).

Each member is well armed with advanced tools such as circuit simulators, electromagnetic field simulators, thermal analysis simulators, layout design tools, DFM tools, verification tools, etc. However, those specialized tools are hard to use for other members in the team. As the result, the communication in the FS phase is carried out typically via general purpose programs such as Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and AutoCAD, which are too primitive in many cases. GemPackage is designed as a communication tool for SiP feasibility study. When FS phase is finished, design rule violation free data is obtained since comprehensive design rule items are supported in GemPackage. Then for DFM or for sign-off purposes, FS data can be transfered to standard CAD system.
Wide range of the package structures are supported from today's commodity types to the near future types. The list of supported package types includes: FBGA, PBGA, Wire-bonding, Flip-chip bonding, Stacked-SiP, Side-by-side SiP, Silicon-substrate SiP, CoC, PoP, PoP-module, Wafer-level CSP, Window-BGA, TSV-based 3D-IC, Embedded Substrate, High-end laminated substrate, and Dual Face Package.