SiP Design Tools
We are deveopping 'GemPackage' for the increasing needs in SiP(System-in-Package) feasibility study, and also propose 'GemView' for helping customer-vendor co-design. We continue developing other new tools for SiPs, especially for early design stages, with emphasis on physical design aspects.
Other Tools
We are developping 'GemPDA' for photo diode arrays. Tools for other areas are also investigated through the consultation services.
EDA Possibility Study
If you have a design task, hope to automate it, no tool found in the market, 'somehow looks possible' to automate if 'smart algorithm' exists, but have no idea whether such idea is available in the world. Then this service may help. We interview you and examine your design examples first, based on an NDA agreement of course, then search for academic papers and university labs, and finally report the relevant activities in academic scene. The result would be in three folds: (1) Good solution is found -- This is the luckiest case. Very good papers are found that exactly model your problem and the effectiveness is proven by vast academic experiments. In this case, you are ready to develop your own tool, as well as you can ask us developing a tool for you. (2) Need further research -- This is the unluckiest case. No research results found in academic scene that can directly solve your problem. However, some interested labs will be found usually since your problem is new to them !

so you can contact them to start research project. (3) Possible solution is found -- Many cases fall in this class in our experience. Good papers are found and they look 'promising'. In this case, you can go into feasibility study phase to be 'sure' they work.

EDA Feasibility Study
Suppose you have a design task to be automated, no tool in market, found good research results in academic scene that look promising. Note that at this point, it is dangerous to immediately start an expensive development project, because in many cases, design task is harder than it looks earlier, and your project easily get stuck in the middle. What is recommended at this point is the feasibility study of the found academic results. It is recommended to read the papers deeply, understand unwritten details, extend and tailor the core idea considering real problems, develop experimental programs and test it against your motif examples. You can ask this phase to the author of the paper, or ask us this service.
EDA Programmer Education
After you have clear target image on your tool (algorithm and methodology), having a good results on feasibility study, then you are ready to start your tool development project. However, it is often difficult to form your team by the people with ideal background, i.e. having EDA R&D experiences. It is often the case that you need to gather developers from other technical backgrounds. For such case, we can offer on-the-job technical education for your developers, on EDA fundamentals such as graph algorithms and discrete optimization, similar to the level of graduate school courses.